<h2>TRADITIONAL GUESTHOUSE - FARMA</h2><p>We are at your service during the whole year in Taxiarchis, Halkidiki</p><div class='bgslideshowmore'><a href='http://www.farmahotel.4ty.gr/index.php?l=en' >More...</a></div> <h2>FARMA - THE RESTAURANT</h2><p>Unique food creations of the traditional Greek cuisine</p><div class='bgslideshowmore'><a href='http://www.farmahotel.4ty.gr/more2.php?l=en&id=7269' >More...</a></div> <h2>OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES</h2><p>Discover the natural beauty of the Cholomondas Mountain</p><div class='bgslideshowmore'><a href='http://www.farmahotel.4ty.gr/more3.php?l=en&id=877' >More...</a></div>
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From the moment you come and feel the magic you become a friend, member, a roommate. Mrs. Nicoletta, the soul of the unit, takes care of your service, always smiling and polite, with a good word for everything and everybody.

In the restaurant and on the beautiful terrace you can enjoy superb home-cooked food from Holomontas mountain local meat (wild boar and deer braised or stewed, baked in a pot kebab, shank, lamb, kokoretsi), grilled meat and during the days of Easter and May Day lamb on the spit, all cooked by Mrs. Nicoletta.

The breakfast also proves that the Greek village and traditions remain and continue. Just to mention the pies, fresh eggs, honey and exquisite bread and let you discover the rest by yourself. Do not forget that Mrs. Nicoletta has great imagination in cooking and the delight constantly continues.



The reception area is available and ideal for conducting any event. With particular elegance and outdoor space, your special moments are being turned into glitzy events with large guest capacity. Our experienced staff will support you to every little detail, so the success of your event (social or professional) will be guaranteed.

FARMA also has a playground for the little ones, which is extremely convenient for parents who can carefree enjoy their weekend and their coffee on the lovely terrace.